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  • 10 vibes for Tunceli

    like locals

    Visit the Tunceli Museum, with exhibits on Tunceli’s peerless historical, cultural, and religious values.

    Listen to the legends of Munzur Baba, Düzgün Baba and Buyer Baba. Participate in the world of this magical, legend-filled region and be a part of the regional culture by visiting “cem” houses.

    Drink from the holy waters of Munzur, make a wish by lighting a candle in a pilgrimage site, particularly Gole Çeto and Ana Fatma.

    Visit the Munzur Valley National Park, take photos of mountain goats in their natural habitat, and feel the excitement of seeing indigenous plant species.

    Taste Şorbik Soup, Tunceli Garlic and Çemişgezek Ulukale Mulberries. Enjoy a dish of aşure, which has a significant place in Alevi beliefs.

    Raft along the Munzur River in the daytime or even in the evening! Enjoy water sports on the Munzur and skiing in Ovacık.

    Visit the Elti Hatun Mosque and Cupola, a touching example of love between siblings. The king of Akkoyunlus, Uzun Hasan, built the structures in honour of his sister.  

    See the Ram-Shaped Tombstones from the Akkoyunlus period.

    Visit the historic sites that reveal the history of Tunceli from about BCE 5000, see the majestic castles – some from the Urartian period – and visit the historic churches and mosques of the province.

    Enjoy taking a break and having a picnic at the Zenginpınar Waterfall, Kutudere Recreation Area or Halbori Springs. Bathe in the healing waters and hot springs of Tunceli.