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    Crown Imperial

    This tulip type bears a prominent whorl of downward facing flowers at the top of the stem. It blooms in the spring and autumn. Under protection and classified as Campanula munzurensis, the Crown Imperial tulip (Ters Lale) is known locally as the “Crying Bride”.

    Munzur Stream Valley

    Emerging in the Ziyaret foothills of the Munzur Mountains north of Ovacık, connecting with Pülümür Stream and then flowing into Keban Dam Lake, the clear waters of Munzur cover a great distance within the province. Filled with fish, Munzur is fed by numerous streams; it flows fast, discharging into various gullies. The water’s temperature is 0-4 degrees (C) in winter and 18-20 degrees in summer. The segment between Ovacık and Tunceli features particularly beautiful landscape along the valley. A 20-kilometre section running between Aşağı Torunoba – Sarıtaş – Halbori Springs is great for rafting.

    The water of Munzur Stream is a significant cultural value of Tunceli and considered sacred by Alevis.

    Halbori Springs

    The Halbori Springs (Halbori Gözeleri) are located on the road between Tunceli-Ovacık, approximately 20 km from the city centre. They are next to the Munzur Stream in a deep, rocky valley. The springs have frigid water and feature resting and recreation areas.

    Ovacık Springs

    Also known as the Munzur Springs, these waters are the main source of the Munzur Stream, which is considered sacred by local people.

    Kutudere Recreation Area

    Set along the Pülümür River, the Kutudere Recreation area (Kutudere Mesire Yeri) is on the road between Tunceli-Pülümür, approximately 30 km from the city centre. A narrow stream runs through the recreation area; there are also some springs. Kutudere is one of the most popular picnic areas among local residents due to its accessibility, natural beauty, and high-quality drinking water.

    Sütlüce (Harçik) Mineral Spring

    Sütlüce Mineral Spring (Sütlüce İçmesi) is located within the boundaries of the district centre, by the main road of Tunceli-Erzincan and 4 km from the city centre. The water is rich in minerals.

    Pülümür Stream Valley

    Emerging from the foothills of the Avcı Mountains and connecting with the Munzur River at the Tunceli city centre, Pülümür Stream is fed by snow and many streams. Flowing for the most part through a steep, narrow valley, until Pülümür from approximately 20 km north of Tunceli-Pülümür highway, surrounding the creek on both sides are rich forests. The valley is suitable for outdoor sports such as trekking, rock climbing and paragliding.

    Ağlayan Kayalar (The Crying Rocks)

    Ağlayan Kayalar is in Pülümür Valley, near Hilbaş Village. The rock formation is a wonder of nature and a great draw for professional and amateur photographers.

    Dedebağ (Bağın) Hot Springs

    The hot springs in the Dedebağ Village of Mazgirt District are near a steep slope by the Peri Brook, 65 km from the centre of district. The water in the hot springs is categorized as calcium sulphate-, sodium sulphate-, and chloride bicarbonate-water. These waters are believed to have a positive impact on the treatment of rheumatic diseases, fractures, and dislocation sequelae, as well as gynaecological conditions. The hot springs feature impressive landscape views.

    Buyer Baba Crater Lake

    Buyer Baba is a crater lake in the Pülümür District, at an altitude of approximately 3,000 metres. It is near the peak of Buyer Baba Mountain, one of the highest peaks of the Munzur Mountains.