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    Zağge (Zenginpınar) Waterfall and Recreation Area

    The waterfall and recreation area are on the side of the Tunceli-Pülümür highway, 40 km from the Tunceli city centre. The fast-flowing waterfall falls from the steep slopes of the valley into Pülümür Stream, surrounded by rich plant cover.

    Kırk Merdiven Waterfalls

    The Kırk Merdiven Waterfalls (Kırk Merdiven Şelalesi) are on the slopes of the Munzur Mountains, descending towards Mercan Valley, in Ovacık. They consist of several waterfalls flowing down a small, narrow valley.

    Dereova Waterfall

    Also known as Gelin Pınarı (Bride Spring), the Dereova Waterfall (Dereova Şelalesi) is in Dereova Village, 46 km from the city centre and13 km from the Nazmiye district centre. The 20-metre-high waterfall receives water from three sources and flows into a brook – one of the Pülümür creeks, which runs through a deep valley. The waterfall cools its surroundings and presents a gorgeous picture throughout the year. In winter, stalactites and stalagmites formed by its waters form a layer of ice.


    The Düzgün Baba legend that has a significant place in the Alevi tradition; featuring mythological elements, the tale also describes the esteem in which elders are held, a subject considered important in the region even today. The Munzur Baba story has this sort of plot, while the Buyer Baba Legend is a morality tale of harms caused by greed and ambition. These are all significant works of popular culture, reflecting the folkloric characteristics of the province. It is believed that wishes, when made at these religious sites in the name of the holy figures mentioned in these legends, will come true.

    Theatrical Plays “Varvara” and “Sılemano”

    These two plays were created in the wake of a great resistance and victory against the Russians who attempted to enter Pülümür’s Acıelma Village during World War 1. Residents resisted, gathering around Süleyman Dede, an esteemed and prominent figure in the community.